Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scare Dem Crew Reunion!

In recent times there have been talks of a possible Scare Dem Crew reunion but this has been denied by the former members of the group.

"No sah, no reunion no deh deh. Everybody a jus brethren. Wi naah go do no booking together 'cause every man have dem own career," said Elephant Man, as he dispelled rumours of a reunion. He left the group in 1999. Ele, however, pointed out that the members of the crew are still friends as they still 'link up' on a regular basis.

"Wi nuh need nobody fi tell wi fi come together an' do a song. Wi can jus do wi ting," he added.

Harry Toddler, another former member of the group, says they have not reunited but any decision to reunite will be made by Elephant Man. He, however, made mention of a song they will do with members of the Bounty Killer-led Alliance.

Scare dem-alliance?

This was confirmed by Elephant Man who says the song is called One For All, All For One. It was produced by Birch Hill and will be released soon. "Bounty start the group and him seh it would be good if we do a Scare Dem an' Alliance song," he said.

Nitty Kutchie says he would be happy for a reunion but this can only be decided by Bounty Killer who started the group and, as a result, he 'calls the shots'. He says they have always been a unit and it will remain that way as they still 'link' and party together.

"If wi fi unite on record mi ready fi it. It was just a likkle difference wid (Harry) Toddler and (Bounty) Killer di other day but everything gungu back yah now," Nitty Kutchie said in reference to a confrontation between Bounty Killer and Harry Toddler. Bounty Killer reportedly struck Harry Toddler in his eye following a disagreement.

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